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Course Features

  • Online / Instructor Led training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Free study materials
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion

Tools Covered

  • Peoplesoft Development Tools: Application Designer, PeopleCode
  • Peoplesoft Integration tools: Integration broker and component interfaces.

Career Jobs

Peoplesoft Admin, Peoplesoft Consultant, Peoplesoft Developer, Functional support Analyst, Enterprise Solution Developer

Average Pay for Entry level

$79,530 - $136,500 per year  


Training Providers

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Working knowledge of application designer and component interfaces.

About Course

PeopleSoft is an oracle product of real-time application work under hrms jobs. The working of People soft is broadly classified under two categories namely peoplesoft hrms technical and peoplesoft hrms functional. Peoplesoft gives great relationship with the business reviews. HRMS consists of: Administer workforce, faculty events, staff resources, safety Training and Record keeping modules. PeopleSoft internet architecture is a simple, intuitive way of starting with the database. Peoplesoft service ranges from implementation, rolling out, consulting, testing and application support and maintenance.

We at Benchfolks have trainers who offer you PeopleSoft training online as well as offline. The users will learn how to use Peoplesoft HCM technical and functional from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by our expert pool of experienced trainers who also are working professionals. With our Peoplesoft HCM technical Training by trainers you will be learning all the concepts in a expert and professional level in a practical manner.

PeopleSoft course contents

Based on our rich experience we help you to understand the following module Peoplesoft HRM and Finance, Architectures, Development tools, people code, Reporting and analysis, integration tools, SRQ reporting tool, Financial function, Process scheduler, Multiple Reports, Print command, Procedure section, Break logic, Variables, Working arrays, Data Buffer Accessing, Concept of Restart, Understanding of Temporary Table, Data Buffer Accessing, Manipulation of String, Debugging Techniques, Letters Generate and structured query language Database support.

Peoplesoft service is ranging from implementation to consulting, testing application support, rolling out, and maintenance. The trainers also provide Peoplesoft module such as Peoplesoft HRMS, finance, functional, HRMS functional, HRMS technical, HRMS techno functional. The trainers focus on quantity and not quality. Trainers who provide Peoplesoft HCM Online training also provide video training materials for better understanding of oracle peoplesoft. The trainers use advanced tools like peoplesoft web navigation and provide most advanced training.

Trainers provide more than just a software course. You can refer below and choose from the huge list of trainers. They provide each module in a comprehensive and job oriented way. We also provide certification and placement assistance with tie up companies. Peoplesoft hcm training by the trainers will be scheduled in regular weekdays and weekends based on the users request. The trainers also have fast track Peoplesoft hcm training and online Peoplesoft hcm training with one-to-one basis. We have trainers who are also giving Peoplesoft hcm training for corporates for their employees who will be benefit with the course.

Curriculum for this Course

  • Internet Architecture(PIA)

  • Database Architecture

  • Portal Architecture

  • Application Designer Structure

  • Creating Field Definitions

  • Creating Record Definitions

  • Creating Page Definitions

  • Creating Component Definitions

  • Creating Record Definitions

  • Registering a Component or iScript

  • Application Engine Overview

  • AE Program Elements

  • Understanding State Records

  • Understanding Temporary Table

  • Understanding Restart Concept

  • Understanding set processing

  • Debugging AE Program

  • Running of A.E (Different ways)

  • Understanding File Layout

  • Component interface attributes

  • Testing Component interface

  • Exercise on File layout & CI

  • Recurrence Definitions

  • People code Overview

  • Component Processor Flow

  • Data Types, Comments and Variables

  • Understanding Objects and Classes in People Code

  • Debugging

  • File Attachments

  • Methods and Built-In Functions

  • Accessing the Data Buffer

  • Referencing Data in the Component Buffer

  • Run Control ID

  • Creating Run Control Page

  • SQR Introduction

  • Building your first SQR program

  • SQR columns, variables and literals

  • Predefined SQR variables

  • List Variables

  • Arithmetic commands

  • The move command

  • String manipulation

  • The Let command

  • Built-in functions

  • File-related functions

  • Date functions

  • String functions

  • SQR page

  • How SQR processes the source program

  • Five sections of an SQR program

  • Program section

  • Setup section

  • Explicit and implicit printing

  • Heading section and Footing section

  • Procedure section

  • Loops and decision logic

  • Print command

  • Formatting your output

  • Break logic

  • Run-time and compile-time

  • Variables

  • Working with arrays

  • Multiple Reports

  • Generate Letters

  • Flat Files & Examples

  • Debugging Techniques

  • How to run an SQR program in different ways with suitable SQR architecture

  • Database support structured query language


Jobs and Placements

Get ready for the corporate world. Take up training from the listed training companies here, and they will ensure offer you placement assistance at the end of the course. Achieve better placement and place yourself as a Peoplesoft Admin, Peoplesoft Consultant, Peoplesoft Developer, Functional support Analyst or Enterprise Solution Developer.

Sample Interview Q&A

1.What are the main attributes of a Component Interface (CI)?
Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods and Name

2.What are the parts of Application Engine?
Application Engine consists of 4 parts.
1. Application: It is a set of SQL statements.
2. Steps: It is the smallest unit of work committed in an application.
3. Sections: Comprises of 1 or more steps
4. Statements: SQL statements like update, insert, delete or select are issued.

3.Differentiate Error V/s Warning statements in Peoplecode?
The error statement issues a message and the condition causing the error must. Be corrected before proceeding. The warning statement issues a message and The user can proceed without changing any values.

4.What restrictions are placed on multi-process jobs?
A multi process jobs can only be scheduled to run on a server.

5.List the three output destinations available through the Process Scheduler?
You can direct the output to a printer file and windows screen.


The training will be a combination of theoretical and practical on each topic. The trainers will be providing live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

Yes, the trainer will provide you support for any clarification you need in a job.

We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online training.

All of our online courses are live instructor-led online courses. You will have the ability to interact directly with the trainer and the training is one on one too through an easy-to-use web conferencing tool like GoToMeeting etc.

The course is non-transferable to anyone else other than the person whose details are given while enrolling once the student has started

Yes, you will receive student guides from the trainers.

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