“Data really powers everything that we do.”

- Jeff Weiner

Course Features

  • Online / Instructor Led training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Free study materials
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion

Tools Covered

  • Hbase, Hive, sqoop, pig, zookeeper
  • noSQL, Mahout, oozie, flume, HDFS, Yarn
  • Career Jobs

    Hadoop architect, Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop programmer, Hadoop Engineer

    Average Pay for Entry level

    $106,540 - $168,250 per year  


Training Providers

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In order to learn hadoop and to build an excellent career on hadoop, you need to have basic knowledge of linux and programming principles of Java.

About Course

Hadoop is an open-source Java-based programming framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data or big data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is also is designed in such a way that it can scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage.Hadoop is an accumulation of information sets so expansive and complex that it gets troublesome to process utilizing available database administration apparatuses or universal information transforming provisions. In easier terms, Hadoop is a term provided for huge volumes of information that associations store and procedure. Be that as it may, it is getting to be exceptionally challenging for organizations to store, recover and methodology the regularly expanding information. In the event that any organization gets hung on overseeing its information well, nothing can prevent it from turning into the following huge victory! The issue lies in the utilization of conventional frameworks to store colossal information. In spite of the fact that these frameworks were a triumph a couple of years back, with expanding measure and intricacy of information, these are soon getting outdated. The great news is - Hadoop, which is at least a panacea for each one of the aforementioned organizations working with BIG DATA in a mixture of requisitions has turned into an essential part for archiving, taking care of, assessing and recovering hundreds or even petabytes of information.

A Solution for Big Data which is Apache Hadoop!

Hadoop is an open source programming schema that backings information escalated appropriated provisions. Hadoop is authorized under the Apache v2 permit. It is hence by and large reputed to be Apache Hadoop. Hadoop has been produced, in light of a paper initially composed by Google on MapReduce framework and applies thoughts of practical customizing. Hadoop is composed in the Java customizing dialect and is the largest amount Apache tasks are being developed and utilized by a worldwide group of benefactors. Hadoop has been designed in such a way so as to scale up from a single server to many thousands of machines, each of whom is offering local computation to advanced storages. Think of taking up Hands-on Hadoop Bootcamp training now and a Hadoop certification later.

From engineer to the examiner, this Hadoop Bootcamp handles a couple of enormous inquiries regarding huge information: Why does this engineering exist and why do I need it? In what manner would I be able to receive the best in return using something recognizable like SQL and how does this all fit together in a constantly developing eco-framework? This Hadoop Bootcamp course will present the ideas of disseminated figuring, Hadoop, and MapReduce and afterward go into incredible part into Apache Hive which is a SQL-like inquiry dialect that might be utilized with Hadoop and NoSQL databases like HBase and Cassandra. The Hadoop Bootcamp course shows a few moves you may encounter taking care of genuine processing issues and how Hive makes that errand less demanding to finish.

Hadoop Bootcamp course Contents:

The Hadoop Bootcamp course is first divided into three parts namely

1)Big Data Hadoop Admin:

2)Big Data Hadoop Developer

3)Big Data Analytics

Coming to the Hadoop Bootcamp training syllabus it will begin with Big Data – Challenges & Opportunities, Hadoop structural design, Installation and Setup of Hadoop Cluster, Mastering HDFS which is the Hadoop Distributed File System, MapReduce Hands-on using JAVA, Big Data Analytics using Pig and Hive, HBase and Hive Integration, Understanding of ZooKeeper, YARN Architecture,Mastering MapReduce, MapReduce structural design, Linux Essentials for Hadoop, Using Java, Pig and Hive, Mastering HBase, Data loading using Sqoop and Flume, Workflow Scheduler Using OoZie, under the Hadoop admin training online you will get to learn in details about the Hadoop Administrative Tasks, Hadoop Developer Tasks, case study, and a Hands-on Real-time Project. You can finish the training with Hadoop certification.

Why learn Big Data and Hadoop

Here are four reasons to take up Hadoop Bootcamp or you can think of taking up latest Hadoop admin training online

    • You will be benefitting from the speed, capacity, and scalability of cloud storage.
    • End users can find better business opportunities
    • Capabilities, as well as Data analysis methods, will evolve for sure.
    • Manage the data better

Who should go for the Hadoop Bootcamp training course

IT professionals and anyone who wants to build a career in Big Data and Hadoop are ideal participants for the Hadoop Bootcamp training as well as Hadoop admin training online and additionally it is suitable for professionals who are already

    • Graduates
    • Data warehousing professionals
    • Data Management professionals
    • Business intelligence professionals
    • Analytics Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • ETL designers
    • Programming Professionals


The Hadoop admin training online and Hadoop developer course are mainly intended for experts who are yearning to make a profession in Big Data Analytics by utilizing and making a profession in Hadoop Framework and the above are the key beneficiaries of this course. A portion of the requirements having some prior knowledge of Linux and Java and this Hadoop admin training online course can also be pursued by Java as well as non- Java background professionals like mainframes and data warehousing.

Nowadays we are presented with excelled opportunities to align ourselves with some of the best industry needs and the industry right now needs Admins and Data scientists and this is what exactly Benchfolks is aiming to do. We have a set of trainers who will be offering you Hadoop admin training online as well as offline and take up Hadoop certification at the end. The trainers are here to teach aspiring Data scientists and data analysts who have real-time hands-on experience in Hadoop area and who are doing projects alongside industry leaders under Hadoop admin training online.

The training centers where Hadoop admin training online as well as offline take place are well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. The trainers also provide Hadoop certification training path for students all over the US and the Hadoop admin training online or offline course is value for money and it is tailor-made based on the student’s training requirements. The Hadoop admin training online and offline is conducted on daytime, weekend, evening, as well as fast-track training, is also available.

Advantage of taking up Hadoop online course

Coming to why you should learn Hadoop online is that we have plenty of reasons and when things are changing and that too in the IT, you must know the rules of the game and understand the new wave and ride on it. This Hadoop online course is will be taking down all initial struggles that you might initially learn and you will be needing to learn Hadoop online and the complex technologies and you will be able to learn quite easily through video and through interaction with the trainer. When it comes to calculating the ROI or return on investment for the course having better knowledge, Hadoop certification and higher pay scales will be with us forever with a small one-time investment. This might be one of the best investments that you make to learn Hadoop online thus brightening up your career. When you take Hadoop online course or you can think of attending and to learn Hadoop online you will get the following benefits.

    • Good quality video content: When you begin the Hadoop online course or you can think of attending the latest courses and learn Hadoop online you will see good pictorial representations so as to make learning easy, interesting, innovative and fast.
    • Code and Hands-on: All the students who are enrolled for Hadoop online course or you can think of taking up latest courses and learn Hadoop online will be installing and running their own programs in a Map-Reduce framework. The code of all the programs will be given and attached to the course.
    • Instant replies and clarifications: Since the trainer will be giving you one of one course which is hadoop online course. Make yourself a professional hadoop person by taking steps immediately to learn Hadoop online, you will be getting instant interaction with the trainer and can get all your doubts clarified.
    • Quizzes: When it comes to getting exam like, interesting quiz questions at the end of each lesson, it is to point out what you have understood and checking is done for the learning thus getting you ready for Hadoop certification exams.
    • Important documents: You may also get important pdf document notes at the end of each lesson during the Hadoop online course or you can think of pursuing latest courses and learn Hadoop online which will be helpful for referring when you are working on the laptop.

The above are the advantages that you get when you take up Hadoop online course. When you take up Hadoop online course you can become a professional in that domain. Attend classes online or offline to fully learn Hadoop online this could most possibly open doors to the most in-demand IT jobs that are out there in current times. This is the perfect time to enter the field of Big Data via Hadoop bootcamp and no matter what target you choose, to be Hadoop developer or Hadoop administrator or Hadoop data scientist which may be a Hadoop administrator or Hadoop data scientist or Developer. The Hadoop online course or you can go through the set of syllabus of hadoop course to learn Hadoop online the contents will, however, be the same with a few additions here and there which is a fundamental thing for every career and quite necessary to reach the goals. Now over 60% of the Hadoop jobs that are posted in the US have a minimum of 50% vacant positions considering the different skill sets required to take up the job when you analyze the common trends of Hadoop job posting in the US right now. The average salary for Hadoop administrator per year is at $70,000 and for a Data scientist, it is standing at a cool $130K per year. The average salary of a Hadoop developer is averaging at around $110K which is 95% higher than most of the average salaries that are being posted nationwide and the highest salary package that is bagged by a Hadoop administrator is standing at $123K per year.


Taking up a Hadoop certification at the end of the course should be a must and can take up CCA Spark and Hadoop developer exam which is the CCA175 where you need to write code in Scala and Python and run it on the cluster to prove your skills. Or Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) which is one of the most popular certification for data engineers and data scientists which evaluates a candidate’s analytical skills. Both exams are a hands-on and practical exam and can be taken globally anywhere. THe users will be given their own CHD5 cluster which is the current one that is pre-leased with Spark, Impala, Pig among much other software that is needed by the users. The total number of questions asked will be 10 to 12 which are performance-based with a time limit of 120 and a passing score of 70%. The Hadoop certification which is the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification will cost you a USD of $295 and the Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) certification will be costing you USD 400. There are no prerequisites required to take any Hadoop certification exam and in the CCA/CCP exam, you will be required to solve a particular scenario. In some cases, a tool like Impala and Hive may be used and in many other cases, coding is required, a template in Scala or Python is provided that contains a skeleton of the solution asking the student to fill in the missing lines of the code.

If you are looking forward to pursuing and shape your career in Big data then it is more a necessity to have an option to take up Hadoop Certification from one of the popular Hadoop vendors like Cloudera, MapReduce or from Hortonworks. We are also having multiple trainers to provide you help in training and cracking the Big data and Hadoop Certification. Having a Hadoop Certification is really helpful for the job seekers but not 100% necessary. Earning a Big data certification is sure to help an individual to get into an entry level Big data job for gaining the required experience and shaping one’s career in Big data. You will have no looking back as you are at the right place. You can first register with your details and then post your requirements too and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Curriculum for this Course

  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop Fundamentals

  • Dimensions of Big data

  • Type of Data generation

  • Apache ecosystem & its projects

  • Hadoop distributors

  • HDFS core concepts

  • Modes of Hadoop employment

  • HDFS Flow architecture

  • HDFS MrV1 vs. MrV2 architecture

  • Types of Data compression techniques

  • Rack topology

  • HDFS utility commands

  • Min h/w requirements for a cluster & property files changes

  • Introduction to MapReduce

  • MapReduce Design flow

  • MapReduce Program (Job) execution

  • Types of Input formats & Output Formats

  • MapReduce Datatypes

  • Performance tuning of MapReduce jobs

  • Counters techniques

  • Introduction to Hive & features

  • Hive architecture flow

  • Types of hive tables flow

  • DML/DDL commands explanation

  • Partitioning logic

  • Bucketing logic

  • Hive script execution in shell & HUE

  • Introduction to Pig concepts

  • Pig modes of execution/storage concepts

  • Pig program logics explanation

  • Pig basic commands

  • Pig script execution in shell/HUE

  • Introduction to Hbase concepts

  • Introdcution to NoSQL/CAP theorem concepts

  • Hbase design/architecture flow

  • Hbase table commands

  • Hive + Hbase integration module/jars deployment

  • Hbase execution in shell/HUE

  • Introduction to Sqoop concepts

  • Sqoop internal design/architecture

  • Sqoop Import statements concepts

  • Sqoop Export Statements concepts

  • Quest Data connectors flow

  • Incremental updating concepts

  • Creating a database in MySQL for importing to HDFS

  • Sqoop commands execution in shell/HUE

  • Introduction to Flume & features

  • Flume topology & core concepts

  • Property file parameters logic

  • Introduction to Hue design

  • Hue architecture flow/UI interface

  • Introduction to zookeeper concepts

  • Zookeeper principles & usage in Hadoop framework

  • Basics of Zookeeper

  • Principles of Hadoop administration & its importance

  • Hadoop admin commands explanation

  • Balancer concepts

  • Rolling upgrade mechanism explanation

Jobs and Placements

Get ready for the corporate world. Take up training from the listed training companies here, and they will ensure offer you placement assistance at the end of the course. Get into the field as Hadoop architect, Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop programmer or Hadoop Engineer.

Sample Interview Q&A

1.What is Hadoop?

Hadoop emerged as a solution to the “Big Data” problems. It is a part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)

2.What does ‘jps’ command do?

It gives the status of the deamons which run Hadoop cluster. It gives the output mentioning the status of namenode, datanode , secondary namenode, Jobtracker and Task tracker.

3.What happens if one Hadoop client renames a file or a directory containing this file while another client is still writing into it?

A file will appear in the name space as soon as it is created. If a writer is writing to a file and another client renames either the file itself or any of its path components, then the original writer will get an IOException either when it finishes writing to the current block or when it closes the file.

4.What is speculative execution in Hadoop?

If a node appears to be running slow, the master node can redundantly execute another instance of the same task and first output will be taken .this process is called as Speculative execution.

5.Which file does the Hadoop-core configuration?



The training will be a combination of theoretical and practical on each topic. The trainers will be providing live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

Yes, the trainer will provide you support for any clarification you need in a job.

We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online training.

All of our online courses are live instructor-led online courses. You will have the ability to interact directly with the trainer and the training is one on one too through an easy-to-use web conferencing tool like GoToMeeting etc.

The course is non-transferable to anyone else other than the person whose details are given while enrolling once the student has started

Yes, you will receive student guides from the trainers.

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