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Course Features

  • Online / Instructor Led training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Free study materials
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion

Tools Covered

  • Adobe Flex Builder: ActionScript editor
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst

Career Jobs

Adobe Flex Developer, Adobe Flex Designer

Average Pay for Entry level

$62,000 – $110,000 per year  


Training Providers

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Basic knowledge in installing software, Preferred knowledge in adobe flash & CSS.

About Course

Adobe Flex is an application framework for building and maintaining web applications that deploy on all major browsers, desktops, and devices. A modern, standards-based programming model that supports common design patterns suitable for many developers. Flex is a collection of Technologies, Tools and Frameworks for building cross platform Rich Internet Applications. Flex Builder is a commercial IDE from Adobe to develop SWF/AIR using the flex framework. Apart from that flex is also an open source application framework used to build mobile applications.

We at Benchfolks have trainers who offer you the best Adobe flex online training in the market. This training course by trainers will help you to understand how you can leverage the open source Flex framework to build RIAs. It will make it easier for users to learn Flex and usage of Eclipse-based Flash Builder 4.5 development tool is dealt in deep. Trainers have designed the course curriculum for job seekers who are in desperate need of developing their abilities overall in the field of information technology(IT). Benchfolks has trainers who delivers courses and who are excellent professionals possessing working experience in various areas of technology.

Adobe Flex course contents

The professional course designed by trainers consists of the following: Architecture of Flex Application, AIR and Web, MXML Application Development, Using Action Script, Components Sizing and Positioning, Eclipse and Adobe Flash Builder, Flex Java Data Base, Understanding Rich Internet Applications, Getting Started with Flex Application Development, Laying Out the Interface, Using Simple Controls, Event Handling, Using Remote XML Data, Creating Classes, Using Data Binding and Collections, Customizing a Flex Application with Skins, Using Formatters and Validators and Creating Custom ActionScript Components.

We at Benchfolks are well recognized amongst providers for training and placement and we are also involved in rendering adobe flex certification online. In line with the changed demands and necessities of our users our Adobe Flex Training services are broadly acclaimed and upto date. We assure the user that delivering this service on time as per their necessities and budgetary desires is our goal.

Refer to our adobe training course structure, details, trainer details, payments and more details below. We offer courses for both experienced and Freshers candidates. Book your slot for regular classes or flexible batches as per your availability. The professional trainers are highly knowledgeable and do their work very precisely as per the user's need and stick to course schedules. We have tie ups with companies who provide placement and certification assistance too.

Curriculum for this Course

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  • Flash Builder
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • FlashDevelop
  • FDT
  • Understanding Rich Internet Applications
  • Advantages Of Rich Internet Applications
  • Examples Of Internet Applications
  • Introducing The Flex Product Line
  • Configuring Flex Interfaces
  • Getting Used To Flex Interfaces
  • Understanding The Flex Builder Workbench
  • Creating An Application In Design Mode
  • Running Your Application
  • What Are Containers?
  • What Are Viewstates?
  • Introduction Of Forms, The Form Components And Validation
  • Data Providers, Array Collections And Data Binding
  • Breaking Content Down Into Components
  • Adding Navigation To The Application With The View Stack
  • Modularising Our Design To Promote Performance And Flexibility
  • Controlling View States
  • Changing Content At Runtime Using View States
  • Extending State Changes With Transitions
  • Introduction To Handling Events And Complex Data Structures
  • Building a Custom Actionscript Class
  • Building a Method To Create An Object
  • Building Shopping Cart Classes
  • Exploring the Event Object
  • Creating Components With MXML

  • Introduction to MXML Components

  • Understanding the Basics on How to Create a Custom Component

  • Step by Step to Creating a Custom Component

  • Using Custom Components in Application Architecture

  • Creating Another Value Object

  • What is Loosely Coupled Architecture?
  • Dispatch an Event
  • Declaring Events
  • Custom Event Classes
  • Understanding Event Flow and Event Bubbling
  • Customising The Standard Pre-Loader And Offloading The CSS Load Routine
  • Using Adobe Flash Content And Custom Components In Our Applications
  • Customising The Module Loader To Add Flash Animation
  • Introducing The New Flex 4 Spark Component Set
  • Exploring The Skinning Model
  • Creating And Implementing A Custom Skin With MXML And FXG
  • Our First Look At Retrieving Data Dynamically And Displaying It In Different Forms
  • Using Remote XML Data

  • Introduction to XML

  • Retrieving XML Data with HTTPService

  • Using Array Collections

  • Using Collections as Data Providers

  • Understanding Security Issues

  • Populating a List with Retrieved XML as an ArrayCollection of Objects

  • Populating a ComboBox Control and Programmatically Adding an Option

  • Using XML Data with a Tree Control

  • Understanding E4X operators

  • Populating a Tree Control with XML Data

  • Retrieving XML Data and Transforming it into an ArrayCollection of Custom Objects

  • Using Data Binding with Complex Data Structures

  • Sorting and Manipulating Shopping Cart Data

  • Adding a Remove Button

  • The Singleton Design Pattern And Building A Data Model

  • Displaying Data In A Data Grid And Customising The Output With Label Functions And Item Renderers

  • Presenting Our Data More Visually Using The Tile List And Data Group

  • The Importance Of Strong Typing And Value Objects

  • Creating Custom Events To Communicate Between Components

  • Using Data Binding To Display Detail For A Selected Item

  • Visualising Data With The Charting Components

  • Using The Popup Manager To Reveal Modal Dialog Boxes

  • Finalising A Release Build And Deploying Your Flex Application

  • Creating A Project In A Server Based Environment

  • Interacting With SOAP Web Services To Request And Submit Data

  • The BlazeDS Proxy Service To Integrate Disparate Systems

  • Restful Web Services And Flash Builder 4

  • Java Remoting, AMF And BlazeDS

  • Hibernate And Spring Integration

  • Using The Messaging Service To Implement A Simple Chat Tool

  • Comparing LiveCycle Data Services And BlazeDS

  • Implementing LCDS On Our Web Application Server

  • Live Messaging With RTMP

  • Flex → LiveCycle Integration

  • Introducing Data Management Services And Editable Grids

  • The Model-View-Controller And The Cairngorm Framework
  • Creating The Key Elements Of The Framework
  • Value Objects And The Importance Of Strong Typing
  • Building Custom Events And Commands
  • The Role Of The Front Controller
  • Service Integration With Delegates, Responders And Asynctokens
  • Displaying Our Results Visually
  • Enabling Filtering Through Interaction, Events And Commands
  • Event Driven Master-Detail Sets
  • Grouping Collections And Client Side Analysis
  • Deploying The Release Build Of Your Application

Jobs and Placements

Get ready for the corporate world. Take up training from the listed training companies here, and they will ensure offer you placement assistance at the end of the course. Advance your career and become an IT professional now. Job opportunities after this course completion are more. Get placement as Adobe Flex Developer, Adobe Flex Designer.

Sample Interview Q&A

1.What Is Flex?

Flex is an application framework (yes it is a framework!!) that allows developers to build rich applications for desktop (using AIR), web, mobiles and tablets (iOS, android, blackberry etc). The web applications (SWF Files) run in Flash Player which is available in more than 90% computers across the world.

2. Explain Data Binding in Flex?

Data binding is the process by which changes in one actionscript object are reflected in another actionscript object. (OR) Data binding automatically copies the value of a property of a source object to a property of a destination object when the source property changes.

3. What Is A Metadata Tag?

These tags provide information to Flex compiler regarding the usage of our component. Examples are Bindable, Event, Default Property, Inspectable etc.

4. What Are The Collections Classes Available In Flex?
Yes. They are Array Collection, XML List Collection, Grouping Collection.

5. What is overloading? Is method overloading possible in Flex?

No. Method overloading is not supported in ActionScript 3.0.


The training will be a combination of theoretical and practical on each topic. The trainers will be providing live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

Yes, the trainer will provide you support for any clarification you need in a job.

We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online training.

All of our online courses are live instructor-led online courses. You will have the ability to interact directly with the trainer and the training is one on one too through an easy-to-use web conferencing tool like GoToMeeting etc.

The course is non-transferable to anyone else other than the person whose details are given while enrolling once the student has started

Yes, you will receive student guides from the trainers.

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